04 Oct 2017

Made For Trade Live - Kolkata, India

Where: Taj Bengal, Kolkata, India
When: 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm, 04 Oct 2017


Made For Trade Live. 

The corridor between the Middle East and Eastern India.
At DMCC we are passionate about connecting people and markets. Hence our Made For Trade Live Dubai-Kolkata event, a platform dedicated to the growth of the two cities by providing access to West Bengal’s astounding geopolitical region of more than 500 million people.
The event aims to create a long-term partnership between the inherent strengths of Dubai and Kolkata, West Bengal, in order to boost exchanges and investments.
Dubai-Kolkata, the corridor between the Middle East and Eastern India, is the preferred route to expand your businesses across the global market place, re-emphasizing DMCC’s pivotal role in shaping and growing key industries, commodities, and the future of trade.
How it works
We enable our Free Zone members to connect and trade with businesses across Dubai, the UAE, and the world by drawing on our resources to help shape and grow key industries, commodities and the future of trade. Our events will help you discover how partnering with DMCC can grow your business in Dubai and beyond.
Made for Trade. Together.




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