As a strategic gateway linking you to the fast-growing markets of the Middle East and beyond, trade is at the heart of Dubai’s vision to be a dynamic and diverse economy at the crossroads of the world. Playing a pivotal role, DMCC is the region’s dedicated global trading centre and offers a unique opportunity for market participants in a wide range of commodities industries in four broad sectors including precious commodities (gold, diamonds, coloured stones and pearls), energy related sectors, steel and base metals and soft agricultural commodities (tea, cotton and others).

The centre aims to attract key players throughout the entire value chain of each of these commodity sectors, together with a range of support industries such as finance, logistics, consulting and insurance.

As a DMCC member, you will have unparalleled access to the world’s key commodities markets and a world of trading opportunities across all industry sectors. We offer multiple business benefits and competitive advantages, including a secure regulated trading environment you can trust to adhere to the highest standards of international compliance.