GAA is the German satellite office of DMCC located directly at Düsseldorf airport. This office was established in order to increase the DMCC Free Zone’s presence in Europe and create precious links between Europe and the UAE by providing accessibility, flexibility and a multi-lingual representative who can assist in setting up a business in the Emirates. 

GAA aims to provide the best business advisory services on a timely basis with personal dedication to each client, helping them with their plans and being available to assist and solve simple as well as complex demands. With the local office in Germany, GAA simplifies certification and coordination of the formation process in Dubai to help you concentrate on your business.

  • Consulting and execution of company formation
  • Signing and witnessing power for clients who wish to sign DMCC registration documents in Germany
  • Preparation of documents for company formation on behalf of clients
  • Visa applications
  • Assistance in the preparation for the yearly DMCC financial audit
  • Serviced offices in Dubai
  • Ready-to-start workstations