Company Types

There are two DMCC company types: New Company and Branch.

Choose “New Company” if it is one of the 3 following options:

Individual: Owned by single or multiple shareholders. Limited liability company as a newly formed entity with single or multiple shareholders. 

Joint Venture: Individuals or companies choose to enter joint ventures to share strengths, minimize risks, and increase competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Subsidiary: 100% owned by one company. Limited liability company as a wholly owned subsidiary of local or foreign Company.

Choose “Branch” if the parent company wishes to open a branch that may perform some or all of the activities that the parent company is authorised to perform.


License types

There are three license types:

Trading: related to the buying and selling of physical goods

Service: related to the provision of services

Industrial: related to the manufacturing and making of goods


Activity types

Once you have chosen your license type, you can choose your activities.

You may choose up to 6 activities under the same license with no additional fee.

Note: Once the activity is selected, you will be able to see if any third party NOC letters will be required. An NOC is a No Objection Certificate that you will need to obtain an approval from an external Authority which regulates the activity - this commonly is a UAE Government entity. Later in the process, DMCC will provide you with an introduction letter that will enable you to obtain the NOC. You will also be notified for additional documents and information like the business plan, particular office unit type required, and any additional activity restrictions.

For the DMCC Approved Activities list, please click here